Education Project

“Every child as a child is an artist of some kind, whose special capabilities, however insignificant, should be encouraged as a contribution to the infinite riches in life together.”
Herbert Read

The Navigator Art on Paper Education Project main objective is to provide various opportunities of appreciation, knowledge and artistic experience and, in particular, to stimulate the exercise of paper Practice as the first medium for creation.

Since its inception, the Navigator Art on Paper project understands that an art prize should not, on the one hand, be an isolated event and, on the other hand, must be close to the society and culture in which it is inserted. The philosophy of the Navigator Art on Paper project is to simultaneously encourage contemporary creation at the highest level and to foster discussions, to enable the initiation of transformative processes, to facilitate the experimentation of this raw material and, at a deeper level, to encourage artistic appreciation.

The Navigator Art on Paper Education Project understands art as an essential element for a more integral education and for the construction of individuals who are eager to search for knowledge, for understanding an inclusive society and for autonomy in the rich, diversified and challenging context that is our present world.

It is with this educational dimension, based on our policy of social responsibility, that the Navigator Art on Paper project aims to bring art and artists closer to the public, creating new dialogues, new connections, promoting a more creative and innovative society. All from paper, with paper and through paper.

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